Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Announcing "100 Years of Chinese Revolution": Chinarains special events in commemoration of the 1911

Dear Friends,
In commemoration of the centennial of the 1911 revolution, Chinarains has organized a special series of events “100 years of Chinese Revolution”. During the fall quarter, we will hold three talks focusing on different periods in modern Chinese history. Please mark your calender!
1. “Is 1911 Revolution Inevitable?” by Daren RUAN
Nitery 209, Old Union; Oct 6, 2011 (7:00-- 8:30 pm)
2. “To Return Home or “Return to Taiwan”: Conflicts and Survival in the ‘Voluntary Repatriation’ of Chinese POWs in the Korean War”, by David Cheng CHANG
Nitery 209, Old Union, Nov. 3 (7:00-- 8:30 pm)
3. “Reform or Revolution? Liang Qichao’s The Future of a New China” by Ban WANG
Nairobi Room, Graduate Community Center; Nov. 12, 2011 (2: 00-- 3:30pm)
Chinarains is a student academic organization that has served the Stanford community for over 15 years. We organize academic lectures, seminars, film screening and other ctivities in the field of China studies. For further information about Chinrains, please visit our website at http://chinarains.blogspot.com/ or become a friend of Chinarains on Facebook (full features of our facebook page will be updated soon!). If you have any suggestions or recommendations of activities, or if you wish to join Chinarains and help us organize events, please email George Zhijian Qiao at zhijianqiao@gmail.com.
Thank you very much!
Zhijian Qiao President of Chinarains

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