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Yuan Weishi: A Historical Perpective of the History

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A Historical Perspective of the History
Keywords: modern China, Freezing Point Weekly, historical perspective, ideology

Speaker : Prof. Yuan, Weishi
袁 伟 时 教授
Department of Philosophy
Zhongshan University, P. R. China

Thursday, Nov 29, 7:00-9:00pm
Room 334, School of Education
485 Lasuen Mall, Stanford, CA 94305
Location Map:
(Note: We have changed to a new location this time!)

Working language: Chinese
Dinner or pizza or snacks will be served depending on the headcount,
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Outline of the Talk
Freezing Point, the weekly supplement to China Youth Daily, was closed down in 2006 by officials due to Professor Yuan’s article Modernization and History Textbook in its 574th issue. The shutdown of Freezing Point has evoked a wide debate on the perspectives through which we should reexamine modern Chinese history. Professor Yuan will share with us his views on how to interpret, understand and inherit our history on Thursday night. Fed with the “historical facts” in middle school textbooks, you will hear facts from the other side about the Opium Wars, Boxer Rebellion and Xinhai Revolution in the lecture.
Here is the link to Professor Yuan’s article Modernization and History Textbook
Professor Yuan’s blog in

Bio. Of Prof. Yuan
As a professor in the department of philosophy, Professor Yuan Weishi’s academic interests include the philosophy of history, the history of thoughts in late Qing dynasty and the transition of modern China in general. With newspaper articles and essays in his blog, Professor Yuan Weishi is among the foremost public intellectuals in China in constructing a balanced and rational understanding of the past.

Ling Yang and Hao Yan
ChinaRains at Stanford University

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